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As a full-service propane company, we have dallied in all areas of the propane industry. We are happy to help you with your routine maintenance or installation work, or meeting the needs of less commonly known applications of propane (such as use as an alternative fuel). Contact us regarding any inquiries you may have. If we can’t help you, we usually can provide some industry contacts for your specific need.

Propane Tanks

When Muril Lovelace started the gas business, propane companies used to differentiate their tanks from each other with different colored lids. Our silver tanks with orange lids continue that tradition, so look around your neighborhood to see if you spot one!

Propane tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes for above ground and under ground use. We size our tanks for the customer according to their anticipated propane gas usage.


Click on the links below to learn more about tank sizes and specifications from the manufacturers.

When you use our company for gas services, you have the option to lease our propane tanks or buy one for yourself outright. While most customers lease a tank from our company, we are glad to talk with you about your specific wants and needs if you want to own a tank.

Water Heating

One of the highest tributes paid to the modern gas water heater is the fact that the heaters are seldom noticed. Month after month, millions of gas water heaters deliver hundreds of gallons of waters at the temperatures set on their thermostat dials. While there is still a place for the traditional tank type of water heater, new technology has advanced water heating with tankless units and hybrids. These new heaters provide continuous hot water and only use propane gas on demand, which gives users energy savings of 30-45% and space savings compared to traditional tank type heaters.


Some of the popular brands of tankless water heaters used in the Central Florida area, which Lovelace Gas Service technicians are experienced with are:


Have you ever noticed on cooking shows that both professional and amateur chef always uses gas for their culinary creations? The ability to control food and cookware temperatures makes gas a superior choice to alternatives. Whether you are simply changing out equipment, remodeling a kitchen or adding an outdoor cooking center, gas equipment is a finer choice. Lovelace Gas Service is experienced in working with clients and most appliance brands to make cooking at home with propane an enjoyable experience.



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